Contents insurance

Protect everything you’ve worked so hard for to make your house a home. With our BSure Contents Insurance you can enjoy top-notch coverage at an affordable price. Protect your belongings with confidence and peace of mind.

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So what do we cover?

We cover your possessions as well as those of all other people who live with you in your home in a permanent family relationship. This includes damage or losses resulting from:

Fire, explosions, lightning, natural disasters, and flooding
Theft, burglary, vandalism, looting, rebellion, and disturbances
Mirror or window glass shards and loose parts from pile-driving machines or cranes
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We also cover:

Damage from malfunctioning freezer or refrigerator
Luggage loss
Damage from leaking water pipes
Salvage expenses

Other additional coverages include:

We also cover damaged annexes of your house that cannot be locked for a maximum of AWG. 1,000 per incident.

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We make it easy to B stress-free!

Your Personal Liability Insurance up to AWG. 1,000,000 completely free of charge is included in the BSure Contents Insurance as well!

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Frequently asked questions

What is covered by the home contents insurance and what is covered by the home insurance?

To determine this, use this simple rule: everything immovably attached to the house is covered by the house insurance; everything else by the home contents insurance. For example, a click-laminate floor falls under home contents insurance, yet a glued wooden floor under home insurance.

What to do after a burglary?

1. First contact the police for the official investigation. Then report to the police station to give an account of what exactly happened and what items were damaged or stolen. When you later find that more items were stolen or damaged, you can file an additional report. The police will give you copy of each report.

2. Report the damage as soon as possible to BSure. We will send you a claim form.

3. Fill out the form, sign it and send it to us with the purchase invoices. We make sure that your claim is processed as soon as possible.

What to do in case of water damage?

Try to limit the damage and let items dry as soon as possible.

Please contact us in case of permanent damage. We will send you a claim form. Fill it out, sign it and return it with all relevant documentation such as purchase receipts. We will process the claim as soon as possible. We may send an inspector to assess the damage, so it is important that you do not discard the damaged items right away.

Do you still have questions?

We would love to hear from you. You can always reach us through the channels below:

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